Palais du Chef, professional result but…

… like piece of cake!

RUE FLAMBÉE ITALIA is an Italian company born from the long experience of its founders in the packaging and cake project sector. It has become a Leader in the production of Italian Free From products for retailers, laboratories and Industries thanks to both its own brands and with dedicated private productions.

Thanks to a dynamic approach, short production times and an In-House R&D department, Rue Flambée is able to develop customized recipes, 100% Italian and always following the Free From paradigms:

PALAIS DU CHEF products are born from the experience gained!
Revisiting traditional haute patisserie recipes in a modern key with an eye toward the ever-increasing need for foods free from ingredients potentially harmful to health. We therefore make available to chefs and HORECA operators a line of products that facilitate their work while still guaranteeing high quality that is up to the standards of the industry!

Our products…