Pancorn Focaccia

New mix in 15 kg format with which you can prepare some tasty treats! From flatbreads to cream puffs and buns, the gluten-free, lactose-free and wheat-free PANCORN will become your trusty companion in the kitchen…

And as always, try it to believe it…

Difficoltà: Advanced Tempo di cottura 20 min


Preparation method for morsels, flatbreads and puffs.


How to make


  1. Combine all ingredients, last of all the pancorn mix. Knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained;

  2. Grease a baking tray (22 cm) with oil and then spread all the dough evenly by making the typical holes with your hands;

  3. Allow to rise for about 1h; sprinkle the entire surface with oil and salt;

  4. Bake in a cascade oven, baking at 240° C and then adjusting the temperature to 220° C with steam injection, for about 20 minutes until the desired browning.

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