Fresh pasta can never be missing from family Sunday lunches… with this recipe you can also make it gluten-free!

And as always, try it to believe…

Difficoltà: Beginner Tempo di cottura 6 mins


Fresh pasta preparation



  1. Start with

    Mix all ingredients in planetary mixer for 3' at minimum speed and then for 5' at medium speed. With sheeter machine: roll out the dough to maximum thickness and pass the dough ball between the rollers to obtain a thick first sheet.

  2. Fold
    Fold the two flaps towards the centre to give a regular shape, then dust again with a little flour and roll again between the rollers.
  3. At the end

    Once you have obtained a rectangular sheet, lay it on the floured pastry board and trim the ends with a knife then divide it into 2 parts so that you can handle it more easily by moving to the thinnest thickness each time, until you reach the penultimate one. At this point your dough is ready!

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