Universale LP

Bread… in a box! This mix is ideal for making toast and sandwich bread but we have called it universal because it can be used for so many other preparations!

And as always, try it to believe…

Difficoltà: Advanced Tempo di cottura 30 min


Preparation for bread, pizza, pasta and cakes


How to make

  1. Start with

    Knead all ingredients in the planetary mixer using the leaf whisk for 5'; place the dough in an oiled baking dish and allow to rise at 28° C for 20'.

  2. Divide

    Pour the loaf onto the floured table with rice flour, break the loaf into 400 g and stretch, roll as for classic loaf bread; place in the classic 400 g loaf tin; rise a further 60 minutes until the loaf is even;

  3. Bake

    Bake in the oven at 240° C for 3 seconds, then lower to 180° C for 30' of closed baking. Remove from the baking tray, demould and toast in the oven another 5'.

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