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Great occasions should be celebrated with great pastries! And we have them… Whether you have to make sweet, savoury, gourmet panettone, colomba… just follow a few basic steps and you’re done!

And as always… try to believe!

Difficoltà: Advanced Tempo di cottura 45 min


Preparation methods for large leavened goods


How to make

First dough

  1. Pour all the ingredients (no butter) into the planetary mixer and knead with the leaf whisk for 5' (shaking the dough); once smooth and homogeneous, add soft butter and knead another 5' (shaking the dough).

  2. Place the dough inside an oven dish whose capacity allows the dough to double in volume and cover with foil. Place it inside a proving chamber at about 28° C for 12 hours.

second dough

  1. Kneading

    Pour pre-kneading into planetary mixer with dough hook, add aroma, sugar, egg yolk, whole egg, water, salt and mix. Knead for 5 minutes until the dough is smooth and homogeneous, then add soft butter and knead for a further 5 minutes. Add sultanas and candied orange peel and knead another 3'. When the dough is finished, break it into 5 loaves of 465 g each. Pyramid them and place them inside high 300 g moulds, leave to rise another 300' and at the end make the typical cross on the panettone;

  2. Bake

    Place the buns in a ventilated oven, pre-heated to 230°C just after baking, lower to 160°C and bake for 25' with the draughts closed. Open the pulls and bake another 20' at 160°C. Take out of the oven, pierce and invert with pastry needles and leave to rest.

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