The basis for so many preparations… in the mood for dessert? The puff pastry lends itself to millefeuille, pastries. Fancy something savoury instead? Savoury snacks, savoury pies, puff pastry pizzas, you name it…

Difficoltà: Intermediate


Preparato per dolci di pasta sfoglia




  1. Knead

    Knead in a planetary mixer with a paddle attachment, making a smooth and homogeneous dough.

  2. Foil and fold

    Laminate with 800/1000 g flat, lactose-free margarine, using the classic puff pastry technique, 1 fold at 3 and 1 fold at 4, repeat with 1 fold at 3 and 1 fold at 4.

  3. Ready!

    The puff pastry is ready to use, or can be stored in the fridge!

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